A Revolutionary Strip Club Concept in St. Louis

Country Rock DreamGirls

Here’s a fantasy for you… Imagine your dream-girl dirty dancing to a mix of country and rock music, mix in your favorite sports teams, and wash it down with a cold beer and a shot! You’ve just arrived at Country Rock Cabaret. An all-American strip club revolution is happening in your back yard, St. Louis!

Breasts of Both Worlds

Our entertainers are truly the best of both worlds. We’ve got country girls in cut off jean shorts and cowboy boots, plus tattooed rockers who go wild for you on stage. After you’ve spotted a lady who sparks you interest, ask her for a provete dance for some one-on-one time! Are you warmed up yet? Then put down your phone, step up to the plate and get in the game!

Relaxing TLC Back Rubs

If you’re stressed out from a long week at work? Relax with one of our TLC ladies. They provide the ultimate sensual back rub, the perfect cherry on top after a big win or guaranteed to relax your sore muscles and make you forget that your team just lost.